The Sweetness Of Words

I write because it is a cathartic process for me. For whatever reason, this process took on the form of poetry today. I’ve decided to share this poem as I’m still experimenting with the type content I should put out on this blog. I couldn’t think of a title that was clever and the original title of, “I like words” felt like a cliche. Either way, let me know what you guys think!


The Sweetness of Words


has me longing for 

Candid, creative, insightful, Words.



Words to me are like air for a bird.


With word


Those words are perfect, peaceful, purposed instants

that ambush a heart,

bringing bliss for the ears,

ecstasy for the eyes ,

Purpose for a mind. 


Words that wait for the hour,

laugh at fleeting moments, 

hold steadfast to that final second,

to deliver a kiss to my soul.

Some words are cheap,

Yet others, with enough wealth to make us weep.

I learned the power of words and my fate was never the same. 

I was like a snowflake caught in the hurricane.

A word from thee was like a caged bird’s flight to be free

My dear grace, I love the way that word sounds to me! 

Ah yes, the sweetness of words.



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