A Christian Opinion On The Abortion Controversy In Alabama

Pro-life Christians have a narrow view on abortion. I’m sorry but we do. Before I dig into why I think that, I want to make a few things here clear on the onset:

(1). I am pro-life and I think abortion is an unfortunate reality in our society.

At the same time…

(2) I don’t want to take the typical approach to abortion that evangelicals and other christians take. My article will explain why

To begin, Let’s first talk about the new Alabama law on abortion that was passed…

If you don’t know, the Alabama sent recently passed HB 314 that–to borrow a CNN phrase– is “the most restrictive abortion law.” This is a bit of an exaggeration, but then again it is CNN.

The controversy is that the law will give a doctor up to 99 years in prison for performing an abortion. The only exception to this being an ectopic pregnancy.

Here is where things get interesting…

Democrats re-introduced an amendment to exempt rape and incest victims but that motion was denied.

I’ll say that again… An amendment to exempt Rape and incest victims from the penalty of this law was DENIED! I’m pro-life but man…that is compassionless.

Now to be fair, there is a ethic behind the senate’s decision to pass the bill and there are pre-exisiting politics that condition people into making authoritarian decisions like this. What I want to address, is how this decision highlights a problem with the ethic of pro-life Christians like myself.

Here is the problem:

I don’t buy the narrative that the only resistance to Abortion is to write it out with law.

You can’t legislate our christian witness into the government. That’s not how evangelism works. Legislature can’t do our job as Christians for us. To witness well, you need to be near to the one you are witnessing. So I don’t buy the narrative that the only resistance to Abortion is to write it out with law.

We shouldn’t advocate for this position without grasping the moral dilemmas that these women are in. It seems to me that pro-life advocates are weak on this front. We prescribe laws before we can properly describe the lives under those laws. And that is backwards–it is not Christ-Like! I believe abortions are the wrong decision but I cannot deny the difficulty of making that decision. I weep over the circumstances that lead someone into an abortion because I know Jesus would too. These are the circumstances of a world that is broken. It is the result of someone who felt they had no other option. The woman in outside a clinic should receive the same compassionate witness to Christ as the one leaving.

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