Theology And Avengers: Endgame

This post was written due to my appreciation of film. It is meant to express some amateur insights I have toward the analysis of culture through film Enjoy!

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At all hours of the day, I salivate in anticipation for Marvel to release the new avengers movie. I’m weird like that. On April 24th, our universe will grind to a halt as the earth’s mightiest heroes line up to “kick names, take a**.” The avengers film embodies heroism, triumph, raw-uncut action, and will conclude an impressively intricate story arc. Yet, more than seeing Iron Man’s new nano armor or Brie Larson’s brutal left hook to Thanos, I am eager to weigh into how this film depicts the human condition. Films are metaphorical depictions of what we imagine life should be and to understand people well, then you should look to the film they value.

The nihilistic motivations of Thanos, the patriotic philosophy of captain America, or even the camera angles and music choice are all orchestrated pieces of this intricate metaphor. With the Avengers in particular, I think of the metaphorical theme of Heroism. To more seasoned film buffs this will probably seem like a cliche but I don’t really care. The witty brilliance of Iron man, foreboding strength of Thor, and the commanding presence of captain marvel are exemplars of the heroic qualities we seek in others and our selves. To a certain degree, I suspect this is why we become wrapped into the narratives of imaginary characters. When these characters are acted out well on screen, we recognize their portrayal of a very real part about our condition. Ultimately, I think this is why films like this sell. They teach us something about the attainment of these character qualities or the attainment of heroic qualities. We see the struggle of a hero in a story and obtain from them, a peace regarding the heroic struggle of our own.

The Avengers ensuing fight for a cosmic balance, the moral strain of their character, and that momentary triumph of evil during Thanos’ ominous finger snap are all precedents for the eventual and climatic prevailing of good in their journey. In this, I see the core truth of the gospel story. Although there are past evils we endure today and afflictions we may remain chained to tomorrow, we will one day witness an act that reverses all of this. Christians wait for the return of Christ for this very reason.

Still, I don’t mean to equate Thanos to Jesus. I do however have the prediction that the incredible infinity arc that began with a snap may also conclude with one.

That is my thought for the day.



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