A Christian Opinion On The Abortion Controversy In Alabama

Pro-life Christians have a narrow view on abortion. I’m sorry but we do. Before I dig into why I think that, I want to make a few things here clear on the onset:

(1). I am pro-life and I think abortion is an unfortunate reality in our society.

At the same time…

(2) I don’t want to take the typical approach to abortion that evangelicals and other christians take. My article will explain why

To begin, Let’s first talk about the new Alabama law on abortion that was passed…

If you don’t know, the Alabama sent recently passed HB 314 that–to borrow a CNN phrase– is “the most restrictive abortion law.” This is a bit of an exaggeration, but then again it is CNN.

The controversy is that the law will give a doctor up to 99 years in prison for performing an abortion. The only exception to this being an ectopic pregnancy.

Here is where things get interesting…

Democrats re-introduced an amendment to exempt rape and incest victims but that motion was denied.

I’ll say that again… An amendment to exempt Rape and incest victims from the penalty of this law was DENIED! I’m pro-life but man…that is compassionless.

Now to be fair, there is a ethic behind the senate’s decision to pass the bill and there are pre-exisiting politics that condition people into making authoritarian decisions like this. What I want to address, is how this decision highlights a problem with the ethic of pro-life Christians like myself.

Here is the problem:

I don’t buy the narrative that the only resistance to Abortion is to write it out with law.

You can’t legislate our christian witness into the government. That’s not how evangelism works. Legislature can’t do our job as Christians for us. To witness well, you need to be near to the one you are witnessing. So I don’t buy the narrative that the only resistance to Abortion is to write it out with law.

We shouldn’t advocate for this position without grasping the moral dilemmas that these women are in. It seems to me that pro-life advocates are weak on this front. We prescribe laws before we can properly describe the lives under those laws. And that is backwards–it is not Christ-Like! I believe abortions are the wrong decision but I cannot deny the difficulty of making that decision. I weep over the circumstances that lead someone into an abortion because I know Jesus would too. These are the circumstances of a world that is broken. It is the result of someone who felt they had no other option. The woman in outside a clinic should receive the same compassionate witness to Christ as the one leaving.


4 Thoughts On Anger Control

I think You’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to control your anger.

Or is it?…

Anger is a RAW emotion but there are ways to make your rage productive. There are ways toward Anger repression. Anger is like an art when it’s controlled. As it turns out, YOU CAN positively influence others with your anger. You just need to keep a few things in mind…

In today’s post, I am going to give you 4 helpful tips to control your anger…

1. Embrace your anger.

Let yourself feel upset. You’re human! Some people are taught to flee from anything that is negative. A healthy embrace of our anger is necessary to make it productive. Anger serves a moral purpose. Some things in this live are outrageously unfair and it’s frustrating. That is why it’s imperative that you get in touch with why you’re angry. Heck, in some instances, Expressing anger is a step toward healing. Artists embrace their anger through drawing and make brilliant art. Don’t be like Lord Shiva and shake the world with your anger. We don’t do away with the things we dislike. The anger we feel gives us anxiety because reminds us of our difference to the negativity around us. That is okay. It helps us see that things are beyond our control and that there is work to be done.

2. Anger can motivate you

Anger motivates people to action. It’s the power, push, and drive for change. Embrace your anger to the extent that it enables you to start thinking about the things you want to do differently. Import your anger into the problems you need to solve and it might help you solve them better. There is a way to surrender your anger to a more productive solution. Or in the words of Scilia Elworthy, “Anger is like gasoline. If you spray it around and somebody lights a match, you’ve got an inferno. But if we can put our anger inside an engine, it can drive us forward.” Very true indeed!

3. Anger can initiate change in your community

Anger sparks change. Anger over injustice or anger over our moral failings has a productive purpose. If you express anger to the members of your community, and you have described your injustice well, then you might just fuel some change. Don’t forget that the civil rights movement began because of a purposed anger over injustice.

4. Apply your anger properly

Anger can be a tool for good. Anger is the ignitor but it is not the fuel for change. Anger steeped in pride won’t accomplish the purposes you have. Anger often will do harm. Anger can shatter communications. Anger can obliterate bridges to others. So I warn against anger. At the same time, Anger can be righteous. Anger can bring change. Anger can attack the problem, not the person.

How will you apply your anger?

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Two Honest Criticisms About Christianity (From A Christian).

The point of the post is simple. It is a great frustration of mine when christians move into cliques. This does a great harm to the witness of the church and comes across as stand off-ish. If this post could leave you with one thing it would be this. Christians are like manure… when grouped together they stink, when spread out, they fertilize something. Spread out! 🙂

This one time in high school I had a detention. On that train wreck of a day, I had to write a 2 page summary about something foolish I did in my English class. When I arrived to that cafeteria prison where I would serve out my study sentence, an imaginative insight liberated me. As my pen touched the paper for that first time, my mind took on wings and flew across the new world I was in. I was free because the entire landscape of that blank page was mine. It was a created space for me to climb inside and escape the pressures of the time I was in. I had room to interpret the world as I saw fit. More importantly, with imagination I had learned how to empathize. Imagination was a means to put my self in another’s shoes by imagining what living in their life would be like. It gave me grounds to pursue more understanding with that person I didn’t necessarily know.

1. Christianese Arguing

Given this, it irks me that christians lack a proper imagination. We sometimes lack the ability to imagine with the heart of someone else. We repeat the same nonsensical viewpoints over and over again without any regard to the understanding it generates in the person we are speaking to. You would think we are a horde of garrulous parrots. Not only do our arguments lack imagination, they communicate that we have no real thoughts of our own and this is insincere during honest conversation. In an honest conversation, people want to hear your own original thoughts. There is nothing wrong with citing a good argument, a good thought, or a good book that is not your own. Especially when you are faced with something beyond your expertise. However, many Christians persist in speaking in that scripted language we call christianese.

2. Christians Are Sensitive

While sensitive about themselves, Christians remain insensitive toward others. It’s as the old cliche says, “Those who live in glass houses should not cast stones.” Persecution is very real but why go out and seek it? Christianity has many heart agitating observations about the human condition. Concepts like hell, God’s Retributive suffering, election, etc, describe the deep and penetrating spiritual realities of our existence. I however, don’t think this is what irks most people about our faith. What irks people, is our lack of self awareness to the fact that what we have said as christians is offensive. The smug indifference in believers that state these things to their friends, their family, and their enemies is grossly un-christlike. A testimony to God’s truth is more powerful when the one testifying is willing to stand on the other side of their spear thrust. After all, God sought us while we were still sinners. We should go and do the same.


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The 5 Stages Of Writers Block

Writer’s block is a creative writer’s kryptonite. They say It’s a natural part of writing and you can’t force your thoughts out because all things have a season. Blah blah blah.

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Anyways, I think we all get writer’s block at one point or another. Heck, some people have it so bad they remain poor writers for life. What you will find below is the most accurate description of writer’s block you’ll see.

These are the five stages of writer’s block:

Stage 1. “I’ll just Write Away Anyway.”

It all starts with denial. What is writer’s block to you? You are (Insert name here). Your dad was a lawyer. You Got this! You’ll start writing to get a lil sum sum on the page but ultimately, what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense…

Stage 2. Give Yourself An Aggressive PepTalk

Look… You know you don’t have time to waste. You have time to make peace with god and ask for mercy. This stuff is due TOMORROW. All these horrendous thoughts oozing out of my orifice? That is what I need’s to get written down. Something is better than nothing. No time to proof read. Just time to cry. Oh wait no… the tears have smeared the ink on the page.

Stage 3. Perfectionism.

This is when you start overanalyze every thought. You begin a search for that perfect word, that perfect sentence, the perfect paragraph. You don’t really know… It’s the equivalent to searching for a unicorn. You look but ultimately you won’t find so you write something fake and it doesn’t look right.

Stage 4. You Entertain The Idea of Quitting

This one is self explanatory.

*Sobs uncontrollably

5. Then You Remember …

Writer’s block is more about an insecurity to share thoughts than it is an inability to write.

*Writer’s block Cured

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God Is A Sanctuary

Photo Taken by: Preston Goff

A Poem based off of Psalm 150

Walk with me God toward your sanctuary,

Walk with me toward your Church.

so that I might praise under your mighty heaven.  

Walk with me God toward your grace

so that my praise will honor your power,

so that I could give to the poor without prize,

and learn to see the world with new eyes.

Walk with me God to know your beauty.

Allow me to sing with a voice of praise mighty like a trumpet,

and as a harmony of glory may others not dump it.

Walk with me into the sanctuary of my heart

and lift my spirit in praise,

my heart in truth,

and my friends in your Grace.

Walk with me Lord and grant me to sing your praise,

day after day, like all of the sun’s rays.


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Theology And Avengers: Endgame

This post was written due to my appreciation of film. It is meant to express some amateur insights I have toward the analysis of culture through film Enjoy!

Photo Taken By: Elijah O’Donnell

At all hours of the day, I salivate in anticipation for Marvel to release the new avengers movie. I’m weird like that. On April 24th, our universe will grind to a halt as the earth’s mightiest heroes line up to “kick names, take a**.” The avengers film embodies heroism, triumph, raw-uncut action, and will conclude an impressively intricate story arc. Yet, more than seeing Iron Man’s new nano armor or Brie Larson’s brutal left hook to Thanos, I am eager to weigh into how this film depicts the human condition. Films are metaphorical depictions of what we imagine life should be and to understand people well, then you should look to the film they value.

The nihilistic motivations of Thanos, the patriotic philosophy of captain America, or even the camera angles and music choice are all orchestrated pieces of this intricate metaphor. With the Avengers in particular, I think of the metaphorical theme of Heroism. To more seasoned film buffs this will probably seem like a cliche but I don’t really care. The witty brilliance of Iron man, foreboding strength of Thor, and the commanding presence of captain marvel are exemplars of the heroic qualities we seek in others and our selves. To a certain degree, I suspect this is why we become wrapped into the narratives of imaginary characters. When these characters are acted out well on screen, we recognize their portrayal of a very real part about our condition. Ultimately, I think this is why films like this sell. They teach us something about the attainment of these character qualities or the attainment of heroic qualities. We see the struggle of a hero in a story and obtain from them, a peace regarding the heroic struggle of our own.

The Avengers ensuing fight for a cosmic balance, the moral strain of their character, and that momentary triumph of evil during Thanos’ ominous finger snap are all precedents for the eventual and climatic prevailing of good in their journey. In this, I see the core truth of the gospel story. Although there are past evils we endure today and afflictions we may remain chained to tomorrow, we will one day witness an act that reverses all of this. Christians wait for the return of Christ for this very reason.

Still, I don’t mean to equate Thanos to Jesus. I do however have the prediction that the incredible infinity arc that began with a snap may also conclude with one.

That is my thought for the day.


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The Sweetness Of Words

I write because it is a cathartic process for me. For whatever reason, this process took on the form of poetry today. I’ve decided to share this poem as I’m still experimenting with the type content I should put out on this blog. I couldn’t think of a title that was clever and the original title of, “I like words” felt like a cliche. Either way, let me know what you guys think!

I like words.

candid, creative, insightful Words.

Words wait for the hour,

laugh at fleeting moments, 

hold steadfast to that final second,

to deliver a kiss to my soul.

Words are perfect, peaceful, purposed instants

that ambush hearers,

bringing bliss for the ears,

ecstasy for the eyes,

Purpose for my mind. 

Some words are cheap,

Yet others, with enough wealth to make us weep.

I learned the power of words and my fate was never the same. 

I was like a snowflake caught in the hurricane.

A word from thee was like a caged bird’s flight to be free

My dear grace, I love the way that word sounds to me! 

Ah yes, the sweetness of words.


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